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By Tristan Pigott

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Title: Reverberation #127 Artist: Reverberation 36 plays


Reverberation #127
1. Jimmy McCracklin - What’s That
2. Casey And His Group - Comin Home Baby
3. Otis Lee - Hard Row To Hoe
4. Willie J. Charles - Feelin  Kind A Lonesome
5. J. T. Parker - If You Want To Hold On
6. Billy Hamlin - If You Ain’t Got No Bread
7. Johnny West - Tears Baby
8. Nathaniel Mayer & The Fortune Braves - I Want Love & affection (Not The House Of Correction)
9. The Soul Searchers - Get That Church
10. Saxie Russell - El Monkey
11. Lee Parker - Boy Meets Girl
13. Levon & The Hawks - He Don’t Love You (And He’ll Break Your Heart)
14. The 4 Instants - Bogatini

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The only people up at 3 am are in love, lonely, drunk, or all three.

I am still drinking about you

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Ren Hang

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